Hi, my name's Chris, I'm 18, male and from England.

I had a dream last night that whilst I was putting clothes in the washing machine people were throwing grenades at me…?

This may sound like an odd thing to ask for, but I have a really bad back, I can’t crack it myself and it really hurts. Will someone come walk on it? I used to ask my brother to do it, but he now weighs over 16 stone and the last time he did it I thought my ribs were going to break.

Why can I not just stay in bed for about 3 years? Surely it should be law that everyone gets to do it once in their lives.
I just want to sleep.

I’ve just realised that I can touch a long way up my back with my left hand (if I don’t go over my shoulder) but really struggle to even touch the middle of my back with my right hand. My right arm simply won’t bend like my left one and it’s physically impossible for me to do it. Is there a real reason for this?

I wouldn’t mind waking up on a morning, looking out of the window to see nothing but high rise buildings and the shaded pavement below. Like, as long as there was hustle and bustle, I’d be happy. It’s too quiet here.

I would rather have a small pokey flat in a big city than a large manor house in the country. And this is probably seen as quite odd because I’m a country boy myself.